CPBL Prospect Games Try-Out Information

by Rich Leitch

CPBL Prospect Games Try-Out Information


All CPBL players are eligible to participate in their respective groups ‘Prospect Game’ if they sign up and go through the tryout process. Players that are graduating from their program and attending college in the fall of 2024 are NOT eligible.

The selection process for all players who sign up includes a pro style workout day focused on assessing each player's physical attributes. Players will then be followed throughout the CPBL league play to access game play and to allow for players to fairly showcase their ability and grow their game. 

The committee included in the selection process is comprised of CPBL executives, MLB Scouts, CPBL Organizational leaders and the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Academy.

As part of our partnership with Perfect Game, they will attend the entire Prospects Weekend to scout, provide social media coverage and help select the Canadian Premier Teams. 


The CPBL Prospect Games bring together the top players from the league, divided into five categories. Beginning in 2024, the game categories will be as follows:

2025 Grad Class (Largely 17U players and some 18U players that are returning for 2025)

2026 Grad Class (Largely 16U players)

2027 Grad Class (Largely 15U players)

14U Major

14U Minor

Each game will be preceded by a MLB style scout day that will include 60yrd runs, full infield/outfield and batting practice. The game structure is designed to allow pitchers a fair opportunity to showcase themselves so each pitcher will throw approximately 20 pitches. The length of the games typically allow for position players to get 3 or more at bats.


The CPBL Prospects Weekend will be August 2-4th 2024. The tryout dates for each individual group are as follows:

2025 Grad Class - May 2nd Royal Field

2026 Grad Class - May 22nd Royal Field

2027 Grad Class - May 21st Royal Field

14U Major - May 21st Royal Field

14U Minor - May 21st Royal Field


All games will be played at the same venue, Royal Field in Dorchester, Ontario. Royal Field is a state of the art, fully turfed stadium with seating capacity for 400 people that provides players with an atmosphere similar to D1 baseball.


CPBL member programs are designed to develop aspiring student athletes in order to get them to the next level, whether it be college or professional baseball. A necessary part of that process is exposure to the scouting community. With the continued growth of the CPBL’s talent, it is our goal to provide exposure for our players on Canadian soil. In 2023, 12 college coaches attended this event in addition to MLB scouts. We aim to grow that number substantially in 2024 and beyond. 

Partnership with Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Academy Canadian Futures Showcase

New for 2024 try-outs, players will have the opportunity to try-out for the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Academy Canadian Futures Showcase in addition to the CPBL Prospects Game, all in one tryout.  Players will be evaluated for the CPBL Prospects Game by a committee comprised of CPBL executives, MLB Scouts, CPBL Organizational, while the Toronto Blue Jays Scouting department will be on hand to evaluate for their Futures Showcase.  Historically, CPBL players have had to attend separate tryouts at different dates/times/locations so it is our hope to streamline this process and realize a cost savings for families.  Please find attached a note from Director of Amateur Baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays Academy, TJ Burton.  You can find more information on this partnership on our website here.

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14U Minor & 14U Major

2025, 2026 and 2027 Grads