2023 Canadian Premier Underclass Team Announced

by Rich Leitch

The Canadian Premier Underclass Team that will compete in Perfect Game’s World Wood Bat Association Underclass Tournament from September 28th – October 2nd in Fort Myers, Florida, has been finalized. The roster was formed following an extensive process which began in April during the CPBL All-Star Tryouts. Those tryouts, combined with ongoing player evaluations during regular season play established the teams for the CPBL All-Star Games, which acted as the final stage in determining the roster for this prestigious event. The roster was formed by Perfect Game evaluators in collaboration with the Canadian Premier coaching staff and professional scouts.

While many of these players are just beginning to establish themselves, several have already been on the big stage. 

Nationally ranked Alex Uher (#226), Ben Goodacre (#371), Owen Gregg (#448) and Keegan Russell (#500) all took part in the PG Jr. National Event this summer.

Please visit Perfect Games site for further event information: https://www.perfectgame.org/Events/Default.aspx?event=64017

“The Canadian Premier Underclass team is the first of its kind for our league and we are very excited by the collection of talent on this roster. Young, big and physical with some potential high end arms – I imagine this group will draw a crowd from the college recruiting community. Continued thanks to Perfect Game, CPBL evaluators and the MLB Scouts that helped bring this team together”.

      –  Jamie Romak GM Canadian Premier Underclass